Strategies for Successful Public Engagement

To do good work, you need to engage with your customers, your employees, your supporters and even your detractors. Helping you tell your sustainability story simply, credibly, and transparently is what we do. The more clearly you can articulate your goals and demonstrate your success the easier it is for you to attract the capital – social, human and financial – you need to accelerate your social innovations. Constructive Public Engagement can help.

Evaluation, Impact Measurement and Data VisualizationNon-profits, social enterprises and for-profit organizations are all struggling with how to measure impact. How can you show progress toward your goals and not just measure your activities? How can you link your reporting and evaluation to your strategic goals? And how can you make your data come alive and tell your story? At Constructive Public Engagement we can help:

  • Design an evaluation strategy that is simple, flexible and outcome-based
  • Build a strategy for data collection and management linked to your current systems
  • Create simple, visually compelling and interactive visualizations of your complex sustainability performance and impact data
Strategy for Non-profit and Social EnterpriseStarting and running non-profits and social enterprises is an exercise full of questions. How do I best partner with funders and investors? How do we stay focused on our mission and also stay flexible to deal with change? How can we build an organization that lives on the Web? Constructive Public Engagement helps you:

  • Build partnerships with the corporate and public sector that go beyond fundraising
  • Connect with your internal and external stakeholders to articulate – and implement – your key vision and goals
  • Understand how technology can support, not overwhelm, your vision
Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility DesignIt has become commonplace for businesses to give back to the community. In Canada, over 75% of small business make charitable contributions each year. But how many of those contributions are really making an impact? Are your community investment programs engaging your employees and your customers? Is your giving aligned to your corporate strategy? And can you measure the impact of your programs in the community and in your own organization? Our team at Constructive Public Engagement has over 10 years experience in:

  • Designing strategic Corporate Social Responsibility programs
  • Integrating corporate giving, volunteer and product donation programs
  • Measuring and reporting on social, environmental and economic impacts








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