Why do first-time online donors not return?

The New York Times reports on a trend with serious implications for both non-profits and the social media/technology firms who advise them. The study, which include 24 organizations such as CARE and Doctors Without Borders found that Of those who did make additional gifts after an initial online donation in 2006, according to 12 organizations … Continue reading Why do first-time online donors not return?

Tale of two views: Public and Private stimulus spending tracking sites

The New York Times has a profile on the "Big Man" tasked with monitoring spending for the US recovery bill. The article talks about both recovery.govĀ (a government run site) and Stimulus Watch (a private site). As you can see from the images below, the difference in level of detail and speed of posting is staggering. … Continue reading Tale of two views: Public and Private stimulus spending tracking sites

Opening MP Voting Records: how?

Interesting article on opening MP voting records "soon" but how effective will this be? While not as interesting as the US given our more traditional party-disciplined voting, one can imagine some interesting data mashups. For example one could create a map linking voting records with government spending projects, financial contributions and media coverage by riding. … Continue reading Opening MP Voting Records: how?

Supporting Social Enterprise management

I am very happy to announce SAP Business Objects support for the Demonstrating Value Project The project is designed to help social enterprises measure and manage their performance - financial, organizational and mission/community impact. I have been working with the folks at Vancity Community Foundation for almost two years and it is great to see … Continue reading Supporting Social Enterprise management