Me on the Map empowers kids to talk about community values, use their imaginations, and reimagine their cities all at once. At heart, it’s a participatory theatre show about civic engagement and collective decision-making, but it’s also much more than that.

The program combines theatrical storytelling and participatory learning with digital decision-making software. Children are asked to think about how spaces can bring joy, activity and health, and inclusiveness all at once.

Steve was tasked with creating data as a character in a play. He did it. This data as character heightened tension in the storyline and helped generate imaginative solutions from participants. Who know numbers could be so dramatic and revealing? Steve did.
— Jan Derbyshire, co-creator Me on the Map

Between brainstorms and hands-on activity sessions, kids are asked to identify what’s most important to them. What community values do they want to encourage? How can they include other opinions, and make sure everyone’s heard?

Me on the Map introduces children to ethical decision-making, urban planning, and happiness studies. It teaches kids to think community first, and makes the process fun and approachable.