The scope and scale of research is changing quickly, and researchers are responsible for taking their projects from the lab to the public. That’s easier said than done; outdated policies and regulations often can’t keep pace with new technology.

We created the Policy Entrepreneurship Program to help researchers develop strategies to address policy and regulatory challenges. Those challenges include conducting research, applying for funding, and communicating their work to outside parties.

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(Introductory video:

The program balanced hands-on, in-person workshops with public events. Half-day workshops ran “real work, in real time.” We invited guest speakers to share their own experiences, answer any questions, and help participants learn how to turn theory into practice. Public events ran parallel to the workshops, and addressed issues that every researcher will face.

Applying for funding, communicating research, and building a network are universally necessary skills. In short, we provided researchers with the tools to carry their research from inception, through design, to distribution. Read more about the program here.