Leveraging the Olympics for more sustainable transit

Nice article here on the Translink blog talking about SAP Vancouver’s prep for the Olympics. This has been a massive planning exercise for our company since the main office is on Mainland Street – what will be a pedestrian only zone for the duration of the Olympics and we are right down the street from a few of the main venues.

As part of the planning process, we tried to leverage the changes to inform employees about more sustainable transportation choices. We already have over 60% of employees walking, riding bikes or taking transit to work. The traffic, road closures and general chaos is a great chance to educate employees about commuting options.

For example,

SAP provides Vancouver employees with a transit pass subsidy that when coupled with the Employer Pass Program from TransLink, provides a 50% discount for transit passes.

All of this combines to make a real impact. This year, for the first time, SAP announced its performance to Carbon Reduction targets (reporting 16% reduction without using offsets) on the same day we announced our 2009 financial results. Will be nice when the day comes that this is expected, and regulated, behaviour for corporations worldwide rather than the exception it is today

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