Green Commuting Before and During the Olympics

Nice writeup in Going Green blog out of U.S.  talking about SAP Vancouver’s commuting initiatives during, and hopefully after, the Olympics.

Great to see how we stacked up against the Vancouver and Canada averages. We have only 32% of employees driving solo as compared to an average of 67% in Vancouver, 72% across Canada and 77% in the US

The post notes a few reasons for this high level of non-car commuting:

  • Downtown location near transit
  • Showers and lockers on site
  • Bike lockers
  • Transit pass discounts

It will be interesting to see how many “converts” we have to the new way of commuting 3 or 6 months after the Olympics are over.

Plus I love the quote from Kirsten Sutton, our Managing Director, from her tweet. Saying she will be continuing to ride the bus now that the Olympics are over she says “You can teach an old dog new tricks”


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