BC Apps for Climate Action contest for developers coming soon

I’m very excited about SAP sponsorship for an upcoming developer contest by the Province of BC.  The province is working with nine sponsors to develop an apps contest for climate action software applications. The contest asks participants to design fun, dynamic and innovative applications for both the Internet and mobile devices using government data.

Like the City of Vancouver did here, the province is developing a data catalogue focused on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions in preparation for the contest. This will be a great opportunity developers to take advantage of this data to build some really interesting applications.

Details still to come but suffice it to say that SAP will be helping out developers with out data visualization and analysis solutions like Crystal Reports and Xcelsius. Imagine the possibilities!

An announcement about the contest is expected at GLOBE 2010 (Mar 24-26) so keep your ears open and I’ll have more info very soon.

Stephen Hui has more background in his Georgia Straight article here


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