Many non-profits struggle with finding volunteers that can deliver more value than just licking envelopes. Organizations such as Volunteer Vancouver work with Executive Directors to communicate the value of, and methods of engaging, skilled volunteers.

For example, leveraging legal, marketing, IT or strategic planning skills from volunteers can create huge value for non-profits. This model can be used to quantify and articulate that value.

In this example, the non-profit has set volunteer recruitment targets by province. Showing progress to target is very valuable for motivating volunteer coordinators, demonstrating progress to boards and communicating impact to volunteers.

The what-if analysis at the bottom allows you to calculate the total volunteer value by changing the hours per year and dollars per hour values. Based on these results, an organization could choose to either recruit more volunteers, work with existing volunteers to generate more hours per year or focus on recruiting volunteers with more high-value skills.

Note that this model could easily be extended to set separate targets per province, create multiple “classes” of volunteers or have different dollar values for different provinces.

Skilled Volunteer Value Calculator

NOTE: Click image to launch interactive model ( does not support embedded Flash)

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