Open Innovation and the Social Web

Henry Chesborough has done interesting research on the topic of Open Innovation

The basic idea is that companies often have good ideas that never make it to market and therefore never generate revenue. The flipside is that companies often assume that all good ideas must come from inside – the Not Invented Here syndrome.

Closed Innovation:

Closed Innovation

Open Innovation:

Open Innovation

I think there is a lot of value in thinking this way about corporate innovation and I am taking the same approach for my personal innovation.

I have lots of ideas (all good!) which have varying levels of feasibility and value. Rather than keeping these all to myself, I am going to use this blog (and posts tagged “ideas”) to capture and share.

I hope that these ideas may spark connections and even be picked up and implemented by others across the world. Next post I will talk more about how the ideas behind the social web both support and encourage this way of thinking


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