Open innovation ideas: Building reclamation social enterprise

As part of the Google Power of 10 to the 100th contest, I submitted 11 ideas and thought this would be a good, if belated way, to follow up on my last post about sharing ideas for comment. I hope that anyone interested will comment, contact me, or take the ideas and run with them.

Building reclamation social enterprise

Idea: Social enterprise reclaiming timber, windows and siding from buildings demolished in gentrifying neighbourhoods providing revenue and job skills

As neigbhourhoods transition from commercial/industrial to residential, many old warehouses and commercial buildings are torn down. These buildings often contain valuable timber components – beams, framing, windows, etc. This project would create a social enterprise to reclaim these components, sell to contractors and consumers and provide trade training to local residents

Two problems are addressed here. First, gentrifying neigbhourhoods are being demolished and valuable dollars are leaving. Second, residents do not have employment and training opportunities Local residents benefit through job creation and revenue staying in the community rather than dispersing to surrounding areas.

Next steps: Identify target communities. Engage with local community economic development organizations. Partner with local construction trade associations

Outcomes and measurements: The optimal outcome will be increased employment opportunities in local areas, reduced economic leakage from the community and an increase in skilled jobs vacancies filled by local residents

Partners: Building Opportunities with Business, Enterprising Non-profits

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