Thoughts from SAP Sustainability in Business Summit

Back from a bit of a blogging hiatus! I happened to be in Toronto a couple of weeks ago and was able to attend SAP Canada's first Sustainability in Business Summit.  There were almost 300 attendees for full day of presentations, workshops and networking - all interested in learning more about how to make business … Continue reading Thoughts from SAP Sustainability in Business Summit

Open Gov West – Seattle Mar 26-27

Open Gov West is a very cool conference coming up in Seattle at the end of the month. Bringing together technologists, civic engagement organizations and  governments, the conference is designed to "facilitate regional collaboration and share best practices across open government initiatives". The concepts of open government have been very prevalent lately in forums such … Continue reading Open Gov West – Seattle Mar 26-27

Opening MP Voting Records: how?

Interesting article on opening MP voting records "soon" but how effective will this be? While not as interesting as the US given our more traditional party-disciplined voting, one can imagine some interesting data mashups. For example one could create a map linking voting records with government spending projects, financial contributions and media coverage by riding. … Continue reading Opening MP Voting Records: how?