Opening MP Voting Records: how?

Interesting article on opening MP voting records "soon" but how effective will this be? While not as interesting as the US given our more traditional party-disciplined voting, one can imagine some interesting data mashups. For example one could create a map linking voting records with government spending projects, financial contributions and media coverage by riding. … Continue reading Opening MP Voting Records: how?

Next open idea: Participatory Research

Provide technology and communications tools to allow crowdsourcing of research and data collection. Today's crowdsourcing efforts tend to be systems where the public can come to a site and help solve problems or contribute computer time per SETI@home or the World Community Grid. In many cases, the help that is needed in in data collection. … Continue reading Next open idea: Participatory Research

Open innovation ideas: Building reclamation social enterprise

As part of the Google Power of 10 to the 100th contest, I submitted 11 ideas and thought this would be a good, if belated way, to follow up on my last post about sharing ideas for comment. I hope that anyone interested will comment, contact me, or take the ideas and run with them. … Continue reading Open innovation ideas: Building reclamation social enterprise